Archery In Kingdom Come: Hard Or Not?

why is archery so hard in kingdom come

Archery in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is notoriously difficult. The game doesn't feature a reticle, making it hard to aim, and the player's character is initially very unskilled with a bow and arrow. To make matters worse, low strength can cause the player to release the string prematurely when drawing an arrow back, and low agility will drain stamina faster. However, players can improve their archery skills through practice and levelling up. Using certain bows and arrows, as well as taking advantage of mods and potions, can also make archery easier.

Characteristics Values
Difficulty in aiming No reticle, need to practice to get a feel for the aim
Draw and fire time Takes a second to draw and fire
Mods Mods are available to make aiming easier
Character skill Character is initially very bad at archery, but improves with practice and levelling up
Bow type Different bows have different strengths and weaknesses
Bow skill Higher bow skill reduces horizontal sway
Strength Low strength causes player to release string prematurely, high strength is the main factor for optimal bow use
Agility Low agility drains stamina faster
Bowstring Higher strength and agility requirements result in longer time to pull the bowstring
Draw speed Fastest possible draw speed is 1.6 seconds, slowest is 3.2 seconds
Rate of fire Low rate of fire means it is better to rely on high-power bows, precision shots, and half-draw shots with potion effects
Arrows Good quality arrows are important, even with a strong bow
Potion effects Potion effects can be added to arrows to increase damage potential
Horseback archery Effective tactic against a group of enemies, but difficult to learn


Aiming is difficult and there's no reticle

Archery in Kingdom Come: Deliverance can be a challenging endeavor, and one of the main reasons is the absence of a reticle or crosshair when aiming. This feature makes the act of aiming your bow significantly more difficult than it would typically be in other games. The lack of a reticle adds a layer of realism to the game, forcing players to rely on their own judgment and skill rather than a convenient aiming guide.

When you pull back the bowstring to take a shot, you are presented with a bare screen, devoid of any aiming markers. This can be disorienting at first, as you have to estimate where your arrow will land based on the trajectory and angle of your shot. The game intentionally avoids providing any assistance in this regard, leaving players to their own devices to master the art of archery.

To make matters even more challenging, the game takes into account various factors that influence your accuracy. These include the strength of the bow, the type of arrow used, your character's skill level, and even factors such as wind speed and direction. All of these elements combine to create a demanding and realistic archery system that requires practice and patience to master.

So, how can you improve your archery skills in Kingdom Come: Deliverance? The key lies in practice and developing a keen sense of judgment. Spend time experimenting with different bows and arrows to get a feel for their trajectories and effective ranges. Learn to judge distances accurately and take into account the impact of wind resistance, especially at longer ranges.

Additionally, investing in your character's archery-related skills can provide significant benefits. As your character becomes more proficient in skills such as Bow, Hunting, and Stealth, you'll notice improvements in areas like accuracy, damage, and stability when aiming, making it slightly easier to land those tricky shots. Remember that practice makes perfect, and the more time you spend honing your archery skills, the more rewarding it will feel when you successfully land that perfect shot.

Lastly, don't be afraid to adjust your playstyle and tactics to suit the challenges presented by the game's archery mechanics. Use stealth to get closer to your targets, take advantage of elevated positions for easier shots, and always be mindful of your surroundings, including potential obstacles and the wind direction. With persistence, adaptability, and a keen eye, you'll soon find yourself striking targets with precision and deadly accuracy.


Low stats negatively impact performance

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a player's stats have a significant impact on their archery performance. The game mechanics are designed to reflect the realistic challenges of using a bow and arrow in combat.

The player's ability to use a bow is influenced by their agility, strength, vitality, and bow levels. Low strength, for example, will cause the player to release the string too early when drawing an arrow, resulting in an inaccurate shot. This is a common issue for beginners, as their character starts with low stats, and it can be frustrating when trying to aim and shoot at targets. Additionally, low agility will drain stamina faster, further hindering the player's ability to use the bow effectively.

The player's bow skill is also crucial. A low bow skill results in higher horizontal sway, making it more challenging to aim accurately. As the player levels up their bow skill, the sway gradually reduces, improving accuracy. The bow skill also affects stamina usage, with higher levels reducing the stamina required to loose arrows.

The player's strength is a key factor in determining the draw speed of the bow. Weaker characters with low strength will take longer to draw the bowstring, making it more difficult to react quickly in combat situations. This is especially challenging when facing multiple enemies, as the player may be overwhelmed before they can get off a shot.

The type of bow also comes into play. Different bows have varying strength and agility requirements, which influence the draw speed. Some bows may never reach the fastest possible draw speed, even with maximum stats. This is an important consideration when choosing a bow, as faster draw speeds can provide a significant advantage in combat.

Overall, the player's stats have a direct impact on their archery performance in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Low stats in areas like strength, agility, and bow skill will hinder accuracy, stamina management, and draw speed. As the player progresses and improves their character's stats, they will notice a significant improvement in their archery abilities, making it a rewarding skill to develop.

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Bow type and quality matter

Archery in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is heavily influenced by the type and quality of your bow. The game features three main types of bows: Villager's Bows, Hunting Bows, and Longbows. Each type has different strengths and weaknesses that impact your ability to use them effectively.

Villager's Bows are the weakest type, but they can be shot quickly and are useful for hunting small game. They are ineffective against armoured foes and should be aimed at the face to deal any significant damage.

Hunting Bows are a middle ground option, offering a balance between rate of fire, damage, and range. They are effective against lightly armoured enemies and can one-shot hardier beasts with decent arrows. However, they are less effective against enemies wearing body chainmail or plate armour.

Longbows are the most powerful type, capable of dealing significant damage regardless of armour. They have a slower draw speed and lower rate of fire but make up for it with their long-range and high damage. Longbows are ideal for precision shots and can instantly kill lightly armoured enemies with a half-charged body shot.

The quality of your bow also matters. Higher-quality bows typically require higher strength and agility but offer improved performance. For example, the Yew Longbow and Sinew Bow have a draw speed of 3.2 seconds, even with maximum stats. On the other hand, some lower-quality bows can achieve a faster draw speed of 1.6 seconds.

Additionally, different types of bows may be more suitable for specific situations. For instance, Villager's Bows are recommended for archery contests due to their faster draw speed. Longbows, on the other hand, are ideal for dealing with armoured enemies or hunting large game.

The choice of bow also affects your rate of fire, which is the time between shots. The slowest bows have a rate of fire of 6.4 seconds, while the fastest can achieve 4.8 seconds. This consideration is crucial when deciding your combat strategy, as a slower rate of fire may leave you vulnerable in close-quarters battles.

In conclusion, the type and quality of your bow significantly impact your archery skills in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Choosing the right bow for your playstyle and situation is essential for maximising your effectiveness in combat and hunting.

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Arrows are costly and hard to aim

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, archery is a difficult skill to master. It is a costly endeavour, as arrows are not cheap, and it can be tricky to aim accurately.

Archery in the game is a skill that must be honed through practice and levelling up. Initially, players will find that their character, Henry, is very unskilled with a bow and arrow. He will struggle to hold the bow correctly, and his aim will be poor. This can be frustrating, as it may result in wasted arrows, which are not only costly but also add weight to your inventory. Carrying too many arrows can encumber your character, slowing them down.

To improve their archery, players must engage in activities that increase their Bow skill. This includes practising at archery ranges, competing in archery contests, and hunting. As the Bow skill level increases, players will notice improvements in several areas. Henry's aim will become more steady, reducing the amount of sway when aiming. The stamina cost of shooting arrows will also decrease, allowing players to shoot more arrows before becoming fatigued. Additionally, as Henry's skill increases, he will automatically zoom in when drawing the bow, making it easier to see and hit distant targets.

However, levelling up the Bow skill will not increase the speed at which the bow is drawn. This draw speed is influenced by the player's Agility stat and the power of the bow, with more powerful bows taking longer to draw. Therefore, players must balance their desire for more powerful shots with the need for a faster draw speed.

Aiming in Kingdom Come: Deliverance can be challenging due to the lack of a reticle. Players must rely on their hand position to determine their aim. The general rule of thumb is to aim at the meeting point of the back of the hand and the bow handle. However, arrow trajectory can still be somewhat random, depending on factors such as how long the arrow is held, the player's skill level, and Henry's state of hunger, fatigue, and health.

To improve their accuracy, players can utilise specific tactics and strategies. For example, aiming for unarmoured spots, such as the face, armpits, and thighs, is more effective than targeting heavily armoured areas. Additionally, drawing the bowstring fully before releasing the arrow ensures a more powerful and accurate shot.

Mastering archery in Kingdom Come: Deliverance requires dedication, practice, and a good understanding of the game mechanics. It is a skill that takes time and effort to develop, but the rewards are well worth it, as a skilled archer can take down enemies quickly and efficiently.


Strength and agility are key

Archery in the game is not just about having a good aim; it is about understanding the nuances of the weapon and how your character's physical state can impact their ability to shoot. The longer you hold the arrow, the more skilled your character is, and their physical condition (e.g., if they are full, sick, or tired) will all influence the trajectory of the arrow. This means that even with a good aim, the arrow may not always hit the intended target.

To improve your archery skills in the game, you need to build up your character's strength and agility. This can be done through practice and levelling up your character's archery skill. As your character's skill increases, their aim will become more steady, and you will have a better understanding of how to adjust your aim to compensate for the side-to-side wiggle of the arrow.

In addition to building your character's strength and agility, there are a few techniques you can use to improve your archery. One technique is to focus on the meeting point of your vertical and horizontal aim. The vertical aim is the back of your hand, and the horizontal aim is the handle of the bow. Their meeting point is where you should aim, keeping in mind that there is still some randomness to the arrow's exit trajectory.

Another technique is to draw your bow all the way. The drawing animation ends with a jerky movement, and this signals that you have reached full draw. Releasing the arrow before this will result in a less powerful and more inaccurate shot.

With enough practice and a focus on building your character's strength and agility, you can master the art of archery in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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Frequently asked questions

Archery is impacted by your agility, strength, vitality, and bow levels. Low strength will cause the player to release the string prematurely when drawing an arrow back, and low agility will drain stamina faster.

Low strength will cause the player to release the string too early when drawing an arrow, making it difficult to get a precise shot.

Low agility will drain stamina faster.

It is not explicitly stated how vitality impacts archery, but it is one of the four factors that influence a player's ability to use a bow.

The lower the bow skill, the higher the horizontal sway of all bows.

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