Archery Tournament: No Blue Denim Allowed

why no blue denim at archery tournament

Blue denim is banned from archery tournaments due to the dress codes of the associations organising the competitions. For example, USA Archery specifies that no jeans or camo pants are allowed to be worn by competitors, and in some cases, such as field events, denim is permitted. The National Field Archery Association also bans denim, but only for professional archers. In the UK, the Grand National Archery Society (GNAS) also bans blue denim, along with olive drab and camouflage patterns.

Characteristics Values
Event Archery Tournament
Clothing Item Blue Denim
Clothing Type Pants/Jeans
Clothing Colour Blue
Clothing Material Denim
Clothing Style Casual
Clothing Coverage Full-Length
Clothing Comfort Uncomfortable
Weather Conditions Hot/Cold
Event Organiser USA Archery
Event Level National
Event Format Target Archery
Event Location United States


Dress codes are association-specific

In the United Kingdom, the Grand National Archery Society runs two systems of classification: the main classifications (for indoor and outdoor shooting) and handicaps. They specify that at all record status tournaments, archers must adhere to the AGB dress code, which is plain dark green and/or white, or 'club colours'. However, any colour garments may be worn with the exception of blue denim, olive drab, and camouflage pattern.

In Ireland, Archery Ireland specifies that sports clothing must be worn by all athletes, and denim is only allowed to be worn in field or 3D archery. Under no circumstances is camouflage clothing to be worn at any competition. For indoor competitions, all shoes should be non-marking.

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Blue jeans are banned by some associations

One of the main reasons why blue jeans are banned by some archery associations is to promote a professional and athletic image of the sport. Blue jeans are often associated with casual wear and may not align with the desired appearance of archers during tournaments. By enforcing a dress code that excludes blue jeans, associations aim to present archers and the sport in a more formal and disciplined light.

In addition, blue jeans may be banned due to safety concerns. Archery involves the use of potentially lethal equipment, and dress codes aim to minimise distractions and ensure the safety of participants. Blue jeans may be considered inappropriate in this context as they could potentially interfere with an archer's movement or performance. Additionally, some associations may prohibit blue jeans to maintain consistency and fairness among competitors. By establishing clear guidelines for acceptable attire, associations can ensure that all archers adhere to the same standards and reduce the risk of favouritism or unfair advantages.

Furthermore, blue jeans may be restricted due to their colour. In certain associations, blue denim is specifically mentioned as prohibited attire, while other colours or fabrics may be permitted. This distinction could be made to avoid any confusion or ambiguity regarding the dress code. Additionally, blue jeans may be viewed as inappropriate within the context of the tournament setting, where a more formal or standardised appearance is expected.

It is worth noting that the dress codes vary among different archery associations, and not all of them ban blue jeans. Some associations may allow blue jeans during field events or indoor competitions, while others may have more relaxed guidelines that focus on comfort and personal style. Ultimately, the decision to ban blue jeans or any other specific type of clothing lies with the organising association and their interpretation of what is appropriate for their tournaments.


Black jeans may be allowed

The dress code for archery tournaments is dictated by the association behind the tournament. The USA Archery dress code states that no jeans or camo pants are allowed to be worn by competitors in a tournament. However, in some cases, such as field events, denim is permitted. It is always a good idea to check the type of event before deciding to wear jeans for a tournament.

The USA Archery dress code is quite vague compared to other associations' dress codes. It is similar to the guidelines presented by the World Archery Association, focusing on keeping things simple for each player. The main requirement is for all members of the team to wear uniforms that match, and to represent the sport and their team in a professional, athletic manner. There are no specific guidelines about what colors the clothing should be.

While the USA Archery dress code does not specify that black jeans are allowed, it also does not explicitly forbid them. As such, it is up to the head judge or DOS to decide whether black jeans are acceptable. To avoid any potential issues, it is recommended to wear clothing that adheres to the dress code as closely as possible.

In addition to the USA Archery dress code, there are other archery associations in the United States with their own dress codes, such as the Archery Shooters Association and the National Field Archery Association. These associations have stricter and more specific guidelines regarding clothing, including restrictions on shorts, skirts, and shoes. It is important to check which association is organizing the tournament and follow their specific dress code to ensure compliance.


Camouflage is banned by some associations

Camouflage clothing is banned by some archery associations due to the potential for confusion with military personnel, as well as its association with rebellion and support for terrorist organisations. In the context of archery tournaments, the ban on camouflage may be enforced to maintain a sense of professionalism and exclusivity. Additionally, the ban could be in place to ensure that competitors do not blend in with their surroundings, which could create an unfair advantage or hinder judging abilities.

In the United States, multiple associations govern archery tournaments, each with its own specific dress code. USA Archery, for example, prohibits competitors from wearing jeans or camouflage pants in tournaments. However, denim is permitted in field events. The Archery Shooters Association and the National Field Archery Association also have strict dress codes that prohibit the wearing of camouflage and denim. These associations aim to promote a professional and athletic image among their competitors.

The ban on camouflage clothing is not limited to archery tournaments. In fact, several countries around the world prohibit civilians from wearing or possessing camouflage print clothing. Examples of such countries include Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, Nigeria, Oman, Saint Lucia, and Trinidad and Tobago. The reasons for these bans vary but often centre around maintaining a clear distinction between civilians and military personnel, preventing confusion, and addressing concerns related to rebellion or support for terrorist organisations.

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Comfort is important

Archery tournaments can be long events, and you will be in your clothes for a significant amount of time. Thus, it is important to ensure that your clothing is comfortable. The weather may be hot, or it could be cold, so you need to be prepared for both scenarios. If the weather is warm, you need to be able to avoid overheating and excessive sweating. If it is cold, then you need to be able to quickly and easily put on a jacket.

Your shoes should also be comfortable. You will likely be standing for a long time, so ill-fitting shoes will leave you with tired and aching feet, which will impact your performance.

In addition to comfort, you also need to consider the specific dress code of the archery association that is hosting the tournament. In the United States, this will most likely be one of the following:

  • USA Archery
  • Archery Shooters Association
  • National Field Archery Association

USA Archery has a relatively relaxed dress code, with the main requirements being that athletes wear uniforms that match, and that no jeans or camo pants are worn. The dress code of the Archery Shooters Association is stricter, with specific requirements for both professionals and amateurs. The National Field Archery Association provides guidance for professional archers, but some amateur groups and teams also follow these rules.

While the dress code of the specific association should be followed, comfort is still important. You need to be able to perform at your best, and feeling uncomfortable in your clothing will not help you achieve this.

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Frequently asked questions

Blue denim is not allowed at archery tournaments because it is considered unprofessional and may be associated with riff-raff. The dress code aims to promote a sporting appearance and differentiate the tournament from more casual forms of archery.

Yes, blue denim may be allowed in field events or if the Dress Code is overridden due to inclement weather.

Alternatives to blue denim that are usually allowed include khaki pants, cargo pants, and black jeans. It is always a good idea to check the specific dress code of the tournament you will be attending.

In addition to the restriction on blue denim, some other common dress code rules for archery tournaments include:

- No ripped, torn, or badly faded clothing.

- No offensive images or language on clothing.

- No camouflage patterns (except for accessories).

- Shoes must cover the entire foot.

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